Lavender bliss


For those searching for such timeless charm, a natural go-to place is Asungla Jamir’s Lavender Bliss in Chümoukedima, whose products capture the essence of the old world charm creatively transformed to suit new world aesthetic. The work station of the home based venture started in 2015.

(simple tin sheets turned into one-of-a-kind products and gifts!)

Lavender Bliss, a passion led manufacturing unit which started in the winter of 2015 is home to handmade, vintage decor and lifestyle items created in Nagaland.  Inspired by the rustic French interiors and classic Scandenavian gardening tools, it is undoubtedly the pinnacle of its locally handmade creations. Planters, vases, furniture, etc. are some of the items creatively transformed from tin sheets all by local craftsmen and artisans.  And in just a few years, the brand already has an amazing community of loyal customers.



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