M/S Latex Goods Manufacturing Unit

Mhoyamo Jungio, a recipient of ‘Outstanding Entrepreneur’ award from Wokha district in 2015, a recognition conferred by the department of Industries & Commerce. Jungio is still one among few rubber grower in Nagaland to have progressed into a manufacturer of latex goods in Nagaland.

The concept of entrepreneurship as it is understood today, in Nagaland, kind of, became prevalent only in the last decade of our generation and was not very common back then, except identified as the mother word “Business”. And while many, alas! Failed but was graced with green pasture in the service provided by the Government, because it was abundant back then, it is not surprising to see our own elder folks emphasis so much in the government sector. Yet, alas! The narration of jobs and employment had changed vastly and rapidly over the years that if young people today seeks prosperity, not only for themselves but to their communities and to the state, the narration of what directs our mind has to change with the revolving earth.

Jungio, from a humble begining of running a small electronics repairing shop in Wokha, and his exposure outside the state for various electronic training, perhaps, had inspired him that one could do so much more if one could start identifying one’s own resource and start doing something out of it and thats how his rubber venture started.

Jungio, who is now already a father of three hails from Chudi village and owns a rubber farm in his village  and produces his own raw material that feeds a small-scale manufacturing unit he operates in Wokha called M/S Latex Goods Manufacturing Unit. His products include gardening gloves, balloons, rubber bands and doormats. And his latest innovation, the finger golves. He caters to clients like the department of Agriculture, municipal bodies, stationeries and banks to name a few.

Jungio is already employing people in his unit but his goal had always been to expand his manufacturing unit to create more platforms as well as expand the production of new products, where he need different machinery and that would definitely require money. But being a small time entrepreneur, he still feels unable to commence with this ambition unless more groups and institutions can forthcome and lend a helping hand. Towards this, he seeks for possible partnership with any interested entrepreneur if needed.



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