• About Made in Nagaland

Entrepreneurship has seen positive growth in Nagaland with many aspiring individuals starting their own initiatives. To support this growth, YouthNet in association in dept.  of Industries & Commerce, Nagaland inaugurated the center for “Made in Nagaland” whose sole purpose is to provide exposure and a centralized platform for products and services from Nagaland.


  • Can I sell my products at Made in Nagaland?

With promotion being the prime focus of the project, you and other entrepreneurs can rent the space as a ‘point of display’. However, you can sell your offerings via two ways: tie-up with in-house retailer who will sell your products at the center and/or direct the visitors to your retail outlet.


  • How do you guarantee audience at the center?

We guarantee you access to a wider audience visiting Made in Nagaland center. This includes investors, government officials, tourists, NRIs, etc. Our marketing efforts will assure high footfall. We will also tie-up with colleges to conduct various programs, organize entrepreneurship programs and expo events.


  • What are the benefits I will be getting by displaying my product/service at the center? Following are the benefits that you will get if you rent the space and display product/service at the Made in Nagaland center.
  • Cater to a wider audience visiting Made in Nagaland center. This includes investors, government officials, tourists, NRIs, etc.
  • Your physical presence is not required. Our floor manager and trained sales personnel will handle the products and provide required information to the visitors. Security parameters are covered.
  • Sell your products via a retailer at the center and/or direct customers to your retailing outlets for sales.
  • Be a part of Made in Nagaland’s marketing and promotional activities and mark your presence in newspapers, hoardings, social media, posters, etc.
  • Participate in exclusive Made in Nagaland exhibitions and sell your products on those days.
  • Network with the Nagaland entrepreneurial community for increased business, develop partnerships, discuss problems and devise solutions.
  • Hold meetings and conferences in dedicated rooms at a nominal fee. You can hold informal meetings in the food court for free and relish on various multi-cuisine delicacies.
  • Focus energies on your production expertise and be rest assured about the marketing.
  • Easy registration process requiring you to simply fill one application form.


  • Do I need to design the space that I rent? What about the electricity cost?

We will provide you with basic interior design for the expo hall. You have the freedom to decide on the product display within the space and design allocated to you.

We will bear the electricity cost for the expo hall.


  • How do you ensure safety and maintenance of my rented space and displayed products?

We have designed safety and maintenance protocols keeping in mind your rented space and products. CCTV cameras will be installed at the center.


  • Will I be the exclusive vendor for my product category?

No, we are open to multiple vendors from each product category. This will help you gain competitive advantage and build your network within and outside your category for increased business.


  • Which are the other players/entrepreneurs who will be exhibiting their products/services?

We are inviting entrepreneurs with the following product categories: agri-based and processed food, apparel and other wearable items, utility products, handicrafts and handlooms, selected service providers, government departments such as horticulture, floriculture, land resources, agriculture, etc.



  • Will you include my brand/business in your marketing activities?

We have a marketing plan in place and we plan to include registered entrepreneurs in the promotional activities. For information on the marketing plan, please contact the Made in Nagaland team members.


  • What will be the timings of the expo center?

The expo center will be open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. We will not be functional on government holidays.


  • Do I need to be physically present at my stall space?

No, you need not be physically present at your stall space. A dedicated team of floor manager and sales personnel will manage the space and your displayed products on the expo hall floor.


  • Can I rent more than one stall space?

Yes, you can rent more than one stall space for different business/product/service.


  • What information do I need to provide if I decide to rent the space?

You are required to provide necessary information (brochures, brief business profile etc) about your business/product/service to the floor manager and sales personnel.


  • Please tell me about the registration process. Do I need to pay registration fee?

You are required to simply fill an easy registration form with us. You can collect the form from Nagaland Job Centre offices in Dimapur and Kohima and online on http://www.youthnet.org.in.

No registration fee is required. You have to only pay the calculated rent for the space.


  • Where do I get the registration forms? How do I send the registration forms back?

Application forms are available at Nagaland Job Centers at Dimapur and Kohima, and on the YouthNet’s webpage. Forms may be submitted to Nagaland Job Center, Dimapur or Kohima,or mailed to annivadeo@gmail.com.


  • What is the registration deadline to rent a space at the Made in Nagaland center?

Registrations are open all round the year provided your product must be Made in Nagaland.


  • Do I get storage space at the center?

No, Storage space will be provided exclusively to the retailer stall.


  • Can I display products that are not manufactured in Nagaland with my brand name?

Finished products or goods that are sourced from outside the state/abroad cannot be put up for display regardless of the brand name.


  • Who can I contact for more details?

For more details, please contact Amen (+91 7005592538) and Anini (+91 8132869779). You can contact us on WhatsApp and YouthNet Facebook page.


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