Introducing the restaurants of THE FOOD HUB of Made in Nagaland Centre

1. Ancestral Cuisine

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Beef rolls? Fish rolls? Noodles with axone and bamboo shoot? Crispy fried beans? Gooseberry tea? Anyone? And that is just some from the list!

Ancestral Cuisine “Taste of Nagaland”. Three young boys from Nagaland, Awoto Awomi, Inaho Zhimo and Angukabo Wotsa, while living in Delhi started experimenting with various types of their own recipes with Naga cuisines along with the food that is available out there. They came back to Nagaland with their newfound passion and the exposures and the experiences they accumulated staying outside the state, they came back to the abundantly available and organic Nagaland, to continue their passion and also share with us all, their love for cooking!



2. Bambusa Express

DSC07855Bambusa Express

Mad about Momos? Or just want something that is chilly, crispy and grilled? That’s right; “Chilly, crispy, grilled, and Chinese cuisine” is their food motto. Bambusa Express needs no introduction to Nagaland with its numerous outlets already both in Kohima and  Dimapur. A brand name that people can rely on and that seeks to give back to its customer a ‘value for their money’. Bambusa is finally here at The Food Hub, a great place for the casual, hungry eater, as well as for catering groups of all ages with reservations. Don’t miss Bambusa’s combo meals that make things more affordable and to die for!



3. B & I


Vivotsonuo Nancy Kense, her enthusiasm for culinary since childhood and her determination and dream to start her own restaurant, had taken her all the way from her parent’s café to catering for events to now starting up B&I at The Food Hub.

An essence of being culturally friendly that doesn’t still deprive someone of their food habit. That’s where B&I (Beverages & Indian) comes in at The Food Hub. Not limiting the menu from sandwiches & rolls, teas, juice & shakes alone but; B&I also serves Indian food like Biryanis and Rotis. Thali and Mutton Biryani on advance orders. B&I also cater for birthdays and parties. For catering or advance orders, please contact: 9612687271/7005474372

4. Sumi Chuka

sumi chuka

Any Naga who does not love meat and axone may probably want to skip this tasty post. Alright so next we have Sumi Chuka. Sumi Chuka is the only restaurants at The Food Hub that serves rice and brings to the table, the timeless taste of axone with smoked pork. And who doesn’t love beef innards and pork shank? Well, you’re in for a treat because that’s part of the regular menu too.

Sumi or Sema is one of the major Naga tribe of Nagaland and undeniably, known for their axone. Axone (Fermented Soya beans) also known as akhuni or Akhone by the locals, and used by almost every household in Nagaland. There are many uses for these fermented soya beans. Some important and popular ones are: It is used along with vegetables for making stew, most importantly used to make chutney. Every household’s favourite dishes with Axone are: Smoked pork in Axone, Dried river fish with Axone, Dried beef with Axone etc.

Now if you feel like your tummy is hollow, drop in for the timeless taste of axone from Sumi Chuka at The Food Hub of Made in Nagaland Centre.

5. Medley Delight


Medley Delight is an outlet of Avenue Delight, based in Kohima and located at High School and Bayavu Kohima. Medley Delight specifically deals in Frozen and Confectioneries. The ice creams ranges from various flavours and types; from cone sunny top (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, kesar pista, unicorn, blackcurrent etc) to small and big bowl (fruity pebbles, strawberry blast, magic sundae, forest sundae, crescendo etc) to cookie bowl to cupcake.

Medley Delight isn’t only about merely placing ice creams on a cone or a bowl but “We also care about the quality and we also put our heart and soul even on how it is to be presented”. Medley Delight is not only limited to ice creams but locally made and produced candies, bakeries, cookies, pickles, dry fruits and sausages are made available to support and promote local items. Treat yourself to coolness from Medley Delight at The Food Hub of Made in Nagaland Centre with the best ice creams in town.